Friday, March 5, 2021
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MLE Big Game Recipes: Lobster Bake

Parking Lot Clam Bake

Line Up:

Outside Turkey Fryer w/30 quart pot, steamer basket, stand and propane set up
Sea salted water or (if lucky) actual clean Atlantic salt water (10 quarts)
Maine Lobsters (enough for your tailgating crew)
Soft shell or little neck clams - four pounds (one pound = approx. 12 clams)
Shucked sweet corn on the cob (enough for your tailgating crew)
Two sticks of salted butter
One lemon quartered.

Game Plan:

Place pan on stand and fill with roughly six quarts of salt water. Start Propane and boil water on high or medium high until boiling. Place clams in the steamer basket, place basket in pot and cover. Melt butter in a separate small pot on a nearby grill. Check clams every few minutes and remove clams when all of them have opened (no more than 10 minutes). Discard any clams that did not open as they may be bad. Fill a cup or small pot with eight ounces of the boiling water. Serve clams with boiling water (for cleaning) and butter (for dipping).

With water at a full boil, place lobsters in steamer basket and place corn on top of lobsters. Place steamer basket into pot and cover. (Note: you can also skip the steaming and boil both lobster and corn directly in the water provided you have sufficient water to cover the food. Cook for 20 minutes (provide more time for lobsters larger that 1.5 lbs). Cool. Serve with drawn butter, lemon slices and plenty of napkins.