Thursday, April 22, 2021
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MLE Big Game Recipes: Drinks!

Poydras Street Lemonade

Line Up:
Rum, not dark - or Jim Beam or any bourbon if you prefer
Quart of fresh lemonade or one can of frozen concentrate, thawed
16 ounce club soda
Louisiana Hot Sauce or Crystal Hot Sauce, couple shakes will do ya

Game Plan:
Place all ingredients into a container with lid or even an old cleaned out gallon jug, shake and pour.


Line Up:
8 ounces of Tequila
One can of frozen lime-aid (Minute Maid or Sunrise Valley, doesn’t matter)
One can of beer, not micro brew, swill is fine.

Game Plan:
Mix all ingredients in a container together and pour over ice.

Chargers Chili Chugger

Line Up:
Regular sugar, couple teaspoons
Chili powder to taste
One bottle of any hefeweizen
Lemonade or lime aid or lemon juice/lime juice
Cut up lime

Game Plan:
Mix all ingredients (except chili powder, lime wedges and beer) with a spoon. Fill glass with two parts beer, one part lemon or lime juice mixture. Dunk lime wedges in chili powder and place on rim of glass.