Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Is Monson a Threat to Top Eaters?

Ben Monson of Twin peaks, CA, is currently ranked number 24 by MLE, below Steakbellie and Allen Goldstein, but many believe he will soon pop to the top of the rankings and the sport of eating.

While Notorious B.O.B. has been on a tear, dominating most contests he enters, Monson is perhaps one of the most formidable rookies ever to eat at the table. He recently won the Flautas-eating contest, beating number-one-ranked Joey Chestnut.

"The scrum at the top of the rankings is the most competitive in the history of eating," said MLE Chairman George Shea. "You have a host of amazing eaters vying for the number one and number two spots, including Chestnut, Bertoletti, Shoudt, Janus and now Monson."

Shea said that 2010 promises to be the most impressive year in eating since Jim Mullen first won the Nathan's contest in 1916.