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Acme Wrap Up

The Acme World Oyster Eating Championship was held in New Orleans, LA on April 12 and it was nothing short of inspiring. The event heralded a return to normalcy for Lousiana’s Oyster Industry and was a true celebration of the French Quarter and the Gulf States in general.

Pat Bertoletti downed 35 dozen Acme Oysters in eight minutes to win the contest. Juliet Lee consumed 31 dozen for second place. Crazy Legs and the Mad Greek tied for third with 24 dozen. Double-O Kevin, Syko Bozo, Skozzy Bone and the Erbivore impressed. Gravy suffered a rare reversal in minute six.

After the event the Major League Eaters explored the city of New Orleans. Crazy Legs took his visit to new heights, a timeline follows:

Conti’s Journal – Saturday, April 12, 2008

3:00 PM Molly’s Bar on Decatur Street with all the guys to celebrate a great contest. Sang happy birthday to Camber, the hot bartendress.

5:00 PM Hotel for a quick shower and change into evening wear.

6:30 PM Hit Corporation on So. Peters for High Lifes

7:45 PM R&Os in Metairie for soft shell crabs with Acme’s Ben Hennington

10:30 PM One Eyed Jack's in the Quarter to hear a punk zydeco band called "Zydepunks.”

Midnight onward -- Bourbon street area in general. Visit Laffite Blacksmith, oldest bar in New Orleans. Biller discusses Voodoo with El Toro. Entire crew visits Krystal in the Quarter to consume the best burgers on earth.

8:30 AM Meet Bayou Boyd Bullot and visit Morning Call in Metairie for beignets and cafe au lait

10:30 AM Fish store in Hammond to pick up 400 pounds of crawfish.

1:00 PM Slidell for Crawfish boil at Boyd’s brother's house.

5:00 PM Slidell tour, see that while Boyd’s parent’s house has not been rebuilt, their fishing dock has.

7:00 PM Back to New Orleans to visit Homedale Inn at sunset. Sounds and scents of the Eddie Simons’ Band still fill the air.

8:00 PM Middendorf's Restaurant in the Manchac Swamp (turtle soup, shrimp romelaude, frogs legs, crab stuffed flounder, and the best catfish ever. Pontacatoulo strawberry ice cream for dessert.)

10:00 PM Visit "Gator Bar" located in a swamp

11:00 PM Take a walk in the swamp as Boyd is in the mood to call owls.

11:15 PM Realize I am in a swamp in Louisiana with a man who is calling owls.