Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Do New Rules Threaten Dunking?

During the past two years, dunking has become an increasingly important component of competitive eating. However, recent rulings from IFOCE commissioner Charles Hardy and recent controversies such as the Crazy Legs/LaRue Incident, call into question the future of this practice.

No one uses dunking more aggressively than Eater X Tim Janus, the man who first introduced the tupperware dish to the eating table. Janus was not content to simply dip his food into water to facilitate the swallowing. He seemed determined to transform the food into soup so that no chewing was required.

It was this kind of activity that seemed to prompt Commissioner Hardy to issue a lengthy screed on regulations, with particular emphasis on dunking. The very next day, of course, Crazy Legs tested the system, reportedly leaving significant hot dog bun in his cup in Florida at the opening of the Nathan's circuit.

Legs' actions caused Ryan Nerz to make deductions, which led to an eat-off. Legs won this eat-off in a highly contested call, leaving many with sour stomach.

And it all seems to bode ill for agressive dunkers, who will likely be under greater scrutiny in the 2006 season.