Friday, March 5, 2021
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Major League Greening

A heat wave is gripping New York City this week with record humidity and weather patterns so unusual a tornado touched down in Brooklyn. Despite this, Major League Eating continues in its dedication to being green.

MLE's main office, a 3,300 square foot loft in the Chelsea section of Manhattan, is equipped with air conditioning but the staff has decided to sweat it out a bit in an effort to lessen the fast growing sport's carbon footprint.

"It's a tad steamy in here but not unbearable," said MLE's Richard Shea. "The tie's off and the water intake is up, but otherwise everything is status quo."

Meanwhile, it's reported that former eating star Ed Cookie Jarvis is keeping the AC at 70 degrees in his new 7,000 square foot house in Long Island, and most feel it's doubtful Cookie's turning his home's AC off when he's out doing errands in his Yukon.