Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Joey, the Fragrance?

The competitive eating community is buzzing with rumors cosmetic marketers may soon launch a Joey Chestnut cologne. The CEN was tipped to this via an anonymous email and all limited research seems to support the fact that there are indeed rumors of a possible eau de toilette being branded under the Joey Chestnut name.

“I have no comment one way or another on Joey the Fragrance,” said one veteran cosmetics marketer. “I can say that a line of Joey products like body spray, after shave and perhaps a self-tanner would be met with demand in the market. Would sales of Joey the Fragrance outpace those of Drakkar and Fahrenheit? It’s impossible to forecast.”

Calls to the world’s number one eater have gone unanswered. Google searches also turned up nothing. However, Major League Eating is based in New York City as is Estee Lauder so it doesn’t take someone who got an 1800 in their SATs to connect the dots.

Amy Crazner, a competitive eating fan and student at the University of Texas in Austin said she thinks the product would be a hit at her school and among young people in general.

“My boyfriend’s cologne is a bit woodsy with hints of burnt jasmine and pine,” said Crazner. “I’d rather he wear something new for a change, and I am sure most of my girlfriends would buy a bottle of JTF for their men.”