Wednesday, February 24, 2021
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Sleepless In Chicago

Right now it's uncertain who the wild card will be for Nathan's Famous 7-4-07. Russ Keeler is in it but only by a thread. It's basically Tim "Gravy" Brown's year. Gravy ate 24, 25 and 25 in his three allotted qualifiers.

But there's also the matter of Shredder Goldstein who ate 24 and 25.5. Most pundits believe Goldstein will win the Civil Service qualifier outright. However, if the Shredder does not win, but eats 24.5, the Wild Card will be a dead lock.

If this situation occurs, there is talk it will be decided by a game of machine gun eating trivia done via MLE Conference Call and moderated by Crazy Legs Conti and Hungry Charles Hardy.