Friday, March 5, 2021
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Bike Fund Established

On Wednesday of this week some jerk stole Steakbellie’s kid’s bike. The MLE believes this is an awful crime. The fact that it happened on the last day of school makes it a worse injustice. Many of us cut a lot of lawns when we were kids so we could get a bike. Imagine doing all that just to have your ride stolen by some punk?

Let’s give this kid the summer he deserves. If you’d like to donate to the MLE Steakbellie’s Kid’s Bike Fund please email and we’ll arrange a way for you to get the funds to Steak. The MLE will match donations until we get to a point where Steak’s kid can get a new bike.

Dig in gurgitators - five bucks, 20 bucks, whatever you can afford.