Friday, March 5, 2021
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2007 Eating Season Holds Promise

The winter has traditionally been a quiet period in competitive eating, a time when most eaters reconnect with their loved ones and gear up for spring, when the schedule heats up. This winter holds some important contests, however, and the eaters remain focused.

In addition to Wing Bowl on February 2, an event which features two cars among its prizes, the IFOCE will hold Pretzel Twister World Pretzel Eating Championship on January 20, the 2007 Bikinis Bar and Grill World French Fry Eating Championship on January 27 and the Queen Mary World Chili Cheese Fries Eating Championship on February 17. $3,000 is on the line for pretzels, $2,000 for Bikini's Bar & Grill and $10,000 at the Queen Mary event.

Fans may want to begin exploring airfares now for the Nathan's July 4 event, and savvy eaters are already beginning to think toward Labor Day, which typically offers multiple top events. Each year, IFOCE events have offered significatly more prize money and there has usually been an unanticipated circuit announced in the spring. Who knows what will be announced this year.