Friday, March 5, 2021
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Weather Impacts Competitive Eating

A vicious October snowstorm has blanketed Buffalo, NY with more than two feet of heavy snow. The area has experienced fallen tree limbs and power lines have been toppled to such an extent that 380,000 homes are without power.

This is bad news for KSO III aspirant Buffalo Jim Reeves who had plans to travel to Jackson, MS for the final qualifier of the 2006 Krystal season. It is good news, however, for Crazy Legs Conti who needs a win in Jackson to secure a spot in Chattanooga.

“This is incredible good luck for Crazy Legs,” said an eater who is already qualified for the finals but who asked to remain anonymous. “He’s the luckiest guy in competitive eating and he’s even lucky on Friday the 13th. We’ll see him in Chatty for sure.”

Of course, others competing in Jackson may not think Conti is a shoe-in. The field includes Justin Mih, who is eating well lately, Larry McNeil, Erik The Red, Damon Serignet, Ken Federighi, and the rising Arturo Rios.

If indeed Reeves cannot wrest himself from the drifts in Buffalo, 2006 will be the first year in Krystal Square Off history that he hasn't competed.