Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Aggressive Dunking Pushes Up Krystal Numbers

The numbers achieved in the 2006 Krystal Square Off qualifying circuit have been astounding, with five eaters consuming 52 or more Krystals in the eight-minute event. What accounts for the increase?

Clearly, the talent now competing and the mental preparation for events has increased significantly in the past two years, a period when the average number of Krystals in the qualifying circuit was closer to 30. But contest watchers say that some of the eaters are pushing the limits of the five-second dunking rule as well.

"I have been watching and the eaters seem to be drowning the burgers," said one knowledgeable source who requested to remain anonymous so that he could continue to observe the events without scrutiny. "If someone is timing the dunking at the finals on October 28 we well may see some deductions."

According to the rules, an eater will face a deduction equal to the amount of food he or she is dunking if the dunking exceeds five seconds. Whether or not the IFOCE has been informed about the alleged dunking violations is not yet known.