Thursday, April 22, 2021
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1/30/2015 MLE Big Game Recipes

1/30/2015 MLE Big Game Recipes: Lobster Bake

1/29/2015 MLE Big Game Recipes - Dip & Dessert

1/21/2015 MLE Big Game Recipes: Drinks!

10/7/2014 The CEN Catches Up With Helen Haggerty

8/26/2011 Coleman's Hurricane Preparedness

4/20/2010 Cookie Jarvis "Cancer Free" After Treatment

4/7/2010 Sweet Corn Purse Pops to $3,500

3/11/2010 Poutine - What Is It, Why Are We Eating It?

3/5/2010 Binga's Wingas in Portland, Maine

3/4/2010 What About China?

1/21/2010 Is Monson a Threat to Top Eaters?

6/4/2009 Koby's Fold-Over Strategy Called The Key

4/2/2009 Mustard Leak, Midwest Contest?

3/3/2009 Stroehmann Sandwich Slamm Prizes

2/27/2009 FRENKY

5/7/2008 Ask Helen

4/15/2008 Acme Wrap Up

4/1/2008 Scozzy Bone??

3/10/2008 MLE Mum on Spitzer

2/21/2008 Counterpoint

1/28/2008 Pig Skin Eating?

10/15/2007 WEDGES & WINGS

9/11/2007 Lerman to Judge, Cookie May Show

8/12/2007 Nathan's

8/9/2007 Major League Greening

8/1/2007 Joey, the Fragrance?

6/28/2007 Competitive Eating News says Gravy In

6/26/2007 Sleepless In Chicago

6/15/2007 Bike Fund Established

5/16/2007 Paris May Miss Competitive Eating's Masters

4/11/2007 Name Calling on the Rise

3/19/2007 Conti, Booker, Janus Rock the SP Chowdown

3/5/2007 Conti Column Puts Seiken in Coney

3/1/2007 Breaking News: 07 Nathan's Sched Posted

2/27/2007 Beef Tongue, Will It Make the Cut

2/16/2007 MLE's Ultimate Biting on SpikeTV to Showcase Competitons and Personalities

1/23/2007 MLE Point Standings

1/22/2007 Chestnut to Return to Wingbowl


1/17/2007 2007 Eating Season Holds Promise

1/3/2007 MLE Stories of the Past

12/4/2006 Are the Refs Ruining the Game?

11/9/2006 Booker's Third CD

10/25/2006 Weather an Issue in Chatty?

10/20/2006 Off Weekend for MLE

10/13/2006 Weather Impacts Competitive Eating

10/6/2006 Late Night Gyros in West Vill

10/4/2006 Masters Division?

10/4/2006 More Celebs Into Competitive Eating?

10/4/2006 More Celebs Into Competitive Eating?

9/28/2006 Competitive Eating Star Eric Booker on Wife Swap

9/26/2006 Aggressive Dunking Pushes Up Krystal Numbers

9/6/2006 LaRue Reunited with Long-Lost Half Brother Through Eating Fame

8/21/2006 Lerman Dedicates Jalapeno Match to Sister's Dog, Lamb Chop

8/17/2006 Scions Abound

7/13/2006 Exclusive Q&A with Tim Janus

6/15/2006 Role of Blood Type in Competitive Eating

6/15/2006 Dale Boone, Competitive Eating's Most Offensive Athlete, is Back

6/1/2006 Glove Method Prompts Controversy

5/30/2006 IFOCE Discourages Home Training

5/26/2006 Is Food Preparation More Important than Eating Style?

5/26/2006 Chestnut's Stuffing Method

5/26/2006 Latex/Deerskin Glove Combo Fails to Bring Victory

4/19/2006 Do New Rules Threaten Dunking?

4/19/2006 The Wisdom of the Solomon Method

11/22/2005 Competitive Eating Rap Album